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 A visualization of USA debt
USA debt clock
Money spent on the War on Drugs / Drug War Clock
Income Distribution: The L CURVE
Google or Yahoo the following:
What Is Wrong With The U.S. Economy? Here Are 10 Economic Charts That Will Blow Your Mind.
Graph: As Wages Stagnate, The Typical American Family Is Working 26 Percent Longer Than In 1975
Poverty Rate Raises in America
Graph: As Union membership decreases, middle class income shrinks
The Death of American Manufacturing
Will Middle CLass America Ever See A Real Raise Again?
Stimulus Pie Chart
Alexander Tyler / The Tyler These
Top 10 Greatest Empires in History
Google or Yahoo: Top 10 Greatest Empires in History
When Nations Die / Kerby Anderson / Excerpts from the book by Jim Nelson Black "When Nations Die"

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